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SharePoint and Information Rights Management (IRM)

I do get lot questions from my SharePoint friends and colleagues regarding IRM’s in SharePoint. The questions are: 1. What is IRM 2. Why do someone need that 3. Where should we apply it. Actually I do not need to answer point 1, as you can Google/Bing it to get the definition but point 2… Read More »

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Upload Multiple documents(Files) to SharePoint Document Library using PowerShell

Upload Multiple documents(Files) to SharePoint Document Library using PowerShell Note: Please do not copy paste the complete URL of the document library (which includes allitems.aspx) instead copy till document library , ex: http://SharePoint/DocumentLibraryName param ([String]$spPath, [String]$localPath)## Load the SharePoint Snapin so the script can be executed from PowerShell editorAdd-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell -erroraction SilentlyContinue# get the SharePoint… Read More »


OK guys, at last my VM’s are back but I’ll host the main site in blogger and rest in SharePoint, please use below URL for all the SharePoint stuff, SharePoint 2013 coming soon URL:

Enabling modern SharePoint experiences on Windows 8 for students and teachers

Awesome, i like the way they implemented. Source: MS SharePoint Blog The Contoso Learning Companion is a modern Windows 8 application built to work with SharePoint 2010 and 2013. It uses SharePoint sites as collaboration spaces for classes and study groups and integrates with the popular OneNote application for lessons and assignments. This popular starter… Read More »