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Image Slide Show using JQuery in SharePoint 2007

JQuery is really cool , if you want a slide show of any picture library without AJAX then you came to right place.Download JQUERY here.Here we go..1.Add the Image web part in the page (any where right,left or center)2.Add the Content Editor Web part.3. Paste the below code.4.If you have more than 1 web part and… Read More »

Integrating Silver Light with SharePoint

All, Integrating Silver Light with SharePoint is now one of the most Google key words and none of the tutorials are good enough to provide all the stuff, i decided to make some time and write this post and i hope it will help someone.Note : This is with Silver Light 2.0 i will work on latest versions… Read More »

Manually start your "Windows Sharepoint Services Web Application"

Do you have trouble starting or stopping your “Windows SharePoint Services Web Application” in Central administration?Nothing happens when you try to administer this in Central Administration but you can use stsadm to jumstart it.To stop the service you use the following command:stsadm -o provisionservice -action stop -servicetype SPWebServiceAnd to start the service you use the… Read More »

Clear the SharePoint Configuration Cache

If you experience issues with WSS and MOSS timer jobs failing to complete are receiving errors trying to run psconfig, clearing the configuration cache on the farm is a possible method for resolving the issue. The config cache is where we cache configuration information (stored in the config database) on each server in the farm. … Read More »

WSP Deployment showing "Not deployed" in CA

All, If you have noticed that when ever you deploy a solution in CA site it shows “Not deployed” or deployed only on few WFE’s then this may give a solution. I had the same issue with one the CA Servers and this is what i did to get rid of it. Steps:1.Deleted the previous timer… Read More »