SharePoint Mobile Application – Thoughts

By | February 11, 2015

I ask myself every time I use my mobile (Android or IOS, I know windows phone has this default SharePoint app but not UX friendly) to open SharePoint site and feel why I should have mobile master and device channel settings to have good UX to navigate the site.
How an app that just works on any SharePoint site, just throw it a URL and display the site with better UX? Now you know what I’m talking about? Ok let’s list out the pros and cons
• Less Development for phones and tablets ( no need to design a separate master page, page layouts and device channel settings for mobile & tablets)
• Better UX experience, of course it’s responsive
• Documents upload/check-in/checkout made easy
• Custom Search optimized for Phones and Tablets
• Upload the elements like logo and fav icon to display (give option to select the elements for branding – sweet right )
• Preview page ( like in design manager)
• Simply deploy the solution file (farm level solution may be? Options are open)
• Central administration link to maintain/support the application
• Performance (not sure you tell me)
• Still thinking any ideas most welcome

Please comment your inputs, let’s see what we can come up with.

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